The Monark Story

Monark brings together Libby Hampel’s love for jewelry, pattern design, and technology.

Jewelry making experiences include using glass beads, buttons, paper, fiber, and precious and non-precious metals. Learning to solder and set cabochon stones is a lot of fun. Burning your under arm on a hot piece of silver is not fun.

Patterns are a constant part of Libby’s life. Drawing doodles in the margins of classroom notes; making patterns with Perler beads; creating abstract drawings using free hand, stencils, rulers, or a spirograph set; creating repeat patterns using silk screen printing; creating patterns in knitting and weaving classes in college (the weaving samples are framed and hanging in her home office), are the many ways patterns have always been present in her life.

A B.F.A in Textile Design was originally a B.F.A in Fashion Design. This changed because the fashion design teacher noticed there was more interest in drawing patterns, instead of seams, on the clothing.

Being in a generation that is the first to really grow up with technology in the home, is impactful. Playing Super Mario Land on the original GameBoy happens from time to time. Working at Apple for 6 years doing sales, tech support, and customer & employee training, broadened Libby’s technology skills and knowledge.

Making of Monark Jewelry

Each jewelry line starts with a source of inspiration. Then shapes and patterns are hand drawn with pen and paper. Once the drawings are done, they are scanned in to the computer. Scans are converted to digital shapes and final designs are created. Final designs are then laser cut.

Getting That Monark Shine

One of Monark’s achievements is getting the look of metal without the weight of metal. This is achieved by mixing very finely divided, non-precious metal powders with a water resistant medium. After mixing, the finishes are hand painted on. Because the powders are a mix of real aluminum, copper, and brass, they are not mixed with the liquid until it’s time to paint. When the finishes are pre-mixed and sit for a while, the liquid oxidizes the metal, turning the finish green. Your jewelry will not turn green because the liquid has evaporated. Gunmetal finish is a blend of two mediums that are not metal powders.


Earring and necklace cutouts are made of a very lightweight wood. Rings are made of acrylic.

Monark uses oxidized sterling silver. Earwires are cut to length, filed to a satin finish, shaped by hand, and then oxidized. Oxidization is a chemical process that turns sterling silver dark gray. Once oxidized, the metal is rinsed to get rid of the chemical.

Jewelry Care

Earrings and necklaces are fine if they get damp. Dry them off as soon as possible. Avoid showers or submerging in water. Rings are completely waterproof.


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