Libby Hampel is the surface pattern designer of Monark’s playful, sophisticated, graphic patterns. 

A B.F.A in Textile Design was originally a B.F.A in Fashion Design. Libby’s fashion design teacher noticed she was more interested in drawing patterns on the clothes instead of seams. Who needs seams?

Pattern has been a constant part of Libby’s life. Drawing doodles in the margins of classroom notes; making patterns with Perler beads; creating abstract drawings using free hand, stencils, rulers, or a spirograph set; creating repeat patterns using silk screen printing; creating knit and woven patterns, are the many ways patterns have filled her life.

Libby’s road of life has had many fabulous turns, including selling and marketing her beaded, paper, and laser cut jewelry, graphic design, web design, and working for Apple, Inc.

When Libby isn’t killing it with Monark, you’ll find her recipe hunting, cooking, getting sucked in to Instagram and Pinterest, working on her fitness, and drinking espresso beverages. She currently resides in Columbia, MO with her architecture professor husband. MIZ-ZOU!